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Just what is implied in the title. My thoughts and ramblings on pretty much everything. That is, if you care about any of that. [ic_add_posts category='thoughts']

Full Steam Ahead!

I was catching up with the various news around the world as well as those little things that I find mind about what's going on in Syria, or more recently in Mali (though both have a long history about them…
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SETILive – the elusive extraterrestrial signal

Remember planet-hunting from the folks at Zooniverse? Remember the [email protected] project, where a client program tries to meltdown your CPU while doing signal analysis on data from the SETI project (which almost died last year due to budget cuts)? In…
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Concerning Booktype

The latest buzz concerning self-publishing is Booktype. Booktype's an online collaboration application for the creation of books, both paperback as well digital. It's page-to-fame article on the Financial Times website, basically proposed that the traditional publishing business will lose even…
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Yup. Stop it. Read about it. Petition against it. Today, January 18th, the english version of Wikipedia is on a blackout, but the SOPA entry is accessible. is running a campaign. Go there, sign the petition to your senator or…
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