Tuesday, 6/12/2016 | 12:31 UTC+3
  • Some website domain changes

    Just added a couple of domain names that point to the site: stoneforger.info, vasileioskalampakas.info, vasileioskalampakas.com. I’m not sure whether it will help with the visibility and all, but maybe it’ll help with the searches and all that. Still waiting for the ISBN numbers so I can get “Bobby on a stick” out the door and

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  • Spam with spam

    I’ve been getting daily spam from various sources, so now you need to be registered and logged in to comment. So, please, if you really are interested in commenting, then by all means do register.

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  • Deliver us from all that’s evil..

    It feels like trying to comprehend why the Rubik cube’s so popular. I mean it’s just a goddamn cube, right? And it should be fairly simple to solve one right? Well, I’m too thick in the head, to see the bloody “Send to Twitter” button. Nice one, very nice. I love CMSs I really do.

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  • I really can’t figure most of it out

    Just added some social network functionalities. You can see the tweets right here and subscribe as well (I can only guess). Plus, you can visit the site’s facebook page here. And I guess the shiny buttons might do something as well. Bear with me, I’m kind of reluctant and slow to adopt these trends. Though,

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