Tuesday, 6/12/2016 | 12:48 UTC+3
  • Some website domain changes

    Just added a couple of domain names that point to the site: stoneforger.info, vasileioskalampakas.info, vasileioskalampakas.com. I’m not sure whether it will help with the visibility and all, but maybe it’ll help with the searches and all that. Still waiting for the ISBN numbers so I can get “Bobby on a stick” out the door and

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  • Back from an outage

    I just survived a 3-day internet outage – no real problem. I’m trying to get back on track with finishing and polishing the two stories I’ve already put up. Hang in there, it’s going to become even more interesting, soon I hope.

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  • Spam with spam

    I’ve been getting daily spam from various sources, so now you need to be registered and logged in to comment. So, please, if you really are interested in commenting, then by all means do register.

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  • Making of a book – The easy part

    After getting the printed copy of Forge of Stones in my hands, I ran into probably the most important problem authors ran into: editing. I noticed the book was lacking in editing. I’m not talking about the writing style, or what parts of the story should be left out, tweaked or completely rewritten. In the

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