Thursday, 19/10/2017 | 7:11 UTC+3
  • Smashwords coupon – “On the Riverside of Promise”

    Just as the title implies, I setup a 100% discount coupon on for the book. That means you can get a copy, for free, until October 1st by entering the code SY53G in the book’s page on Smashwords. Happy reading! Lagos, Nigeria. Summer of 1968. The war in Biafra is in full swing. Ethan

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  • Everything for FREE at Smashwords!

    Yup, just as the title suggests you can get any of my published works for FREE at Smashwords. Just head on there until Saturday, March 10th, while the site-wide promo is in effect and download your copy in almost any e-book format that suits you. Just insert REW50 in the checkout process just as Smashwords

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  • Of Man, Sun and Stars

    I don’t know if it was worth the wait, but here it is – “Of Man, Sun and Stars” is a science fiction short story anthology I decided to go ahead and publish this as some sort of teaser, or a sort of test. See what people think. In a departure from Forge of Stones,

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