Tuesday, 6/12/2016 | 12:48 UTC+3
  • Argo - the graphic novel - work in progress - a woman in a world ruled by machines
    Sleek new Argo artwork

    Hello, everyone! Alkis has been real busy with various projects but right now we’ve got some more concept and some more art that is going in. That’s a look from inside Philetus’ house , at the wee hours of the night. What I really loved about Alkis latest batch though is this which really great

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  • Weightless – 1st chapter

    My name is Serandito Carival. I’m only writing it down because people often hear a story, whether it was real or not and wonder, “who did that”? Some might suspect I’m using an alias, others will point out that a name doesn’t really matter. They would all be wrong. I am Serandito Carival and I’m

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  • Argo

    The sound of small, shuffling feet roused Penthesileia from an uneasy, troubled sleep. She rolled to the other side of her bed and slowly opened her eyes; she saw Heraclea standing by the bedside in the dim blueish light of the glowstrips. The child’s face was pale white and taut with fright. Her mouth was

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  • “The Exchange” launched!

    Long time no see, eh? I’m almost halfway there with my third novel, but I’ve been keeping intermittently busy, so I finished writing up “The Exchange” (at least I think I like where it ends and where it might lead). So the complete short story is available at Amazon, it’s enrolled in Amazon Prime, and

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