Tuesday, 6/12/2016 | 12:48 UTC+3
  • “How to stop worrying and love the book”

    I’m not trying to say the book is a bomb, but what if does bomb? What are the bombing margins for a book? When can someone tag it as a success, or a failure? Is it arbitrary? Is it my personal opinion alone? I saw somewhere that success for a writer, is, or rather should

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  • Night on Marketing Street

    Yes. It’s pretty much of a nightmare. Or if that sounds too much, not a nightmare per se, but rather like trying to push the Earth out of orbit. By doing push-ups. It’s frustrating, I’ll admit, and what’s probably worse, it seems like Forge of Stones is a niche book in a niche market. I’ll

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  • The Hunter and the Farmer

    I picked the title of this post inspired from “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” (Eric Raymond’s article – I’m a bit of a free software advocate). From what I can gather, the traditional publisher will not die out as many enthusiasts of self-publishing proclaim, but they will adapt and fewer will remain standing. As most

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  • Hunting for reviews

    The book, Forge of Stones has been published as you may already know. I’ve setup the ebook version, and the print version is momentarily unavailable (I asked Amazon to merge the product pages so you can pick the version you like from the same page – in the meantime the print version has vanished it

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