Tuesday, 6/12/2016 | 12:48 UTC+3
  • Want to try out Booktype?

    Well, here’s the cool thing. I got a Booktype server up and running on http://booktype.stoneforger.com What’s Booktype? It’s an online collaboration, authoring, and publication suite. You can work on your book project alone, in teams, as an author/editor, with live chat functionality and so on. And then you can publish in ebook and print (PDF,

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  • Fictionpress profile

    I just found out about Fictionpress, so I created a profile and uploaded the “Of Man, Sun and stars” collection over there as well. I’ll be uploading new stuff there, as well as at storiesonline.net . I do find the Fiction Press setup and layout a lot better, but still storiesonline.net is easy and quick,

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  • KDP Select!

    I just logged in KDP and found out about KDP Select. It’s a program run by Amazon to enroll your digital works into a Lending library of sorts. There’s an associated shared fund, and there’s also a free promotion option, something that should actually become a standard feature in KDP. That being said, I enrolled

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  • It’s a slow process

    Writing, and publishing, and all that comes with it, is indeed a slow, deliberate process. Hoping that the book at some point will take off on its own merit is like betting on the miraculous recovery of the proverbial dead parrot. Statistically speaking, according to quantum theory, it is possible, it’s just that the chances

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