Sunday, 17/12/2017 | 2:04 UTC+3
  • Party of Five – A Game of Po

    Array   Two exiled princesses, Lernea and Parcifal, happen upon the roguish Winceham. After a quick chase, they witness the murder of a local innkeeper, Ned’s father. Pledging their sword, shield and bow to cleansing the local lands of the tyrannical pirate lord Hobb and avenging the death of Ned’s father. They meet with a

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  • Weightless – 1st chapter

    My name is Serandito Carival. I’m only writing it down because people often hear a story, whether it was real or not and wonder, “who did that”? Some might suspect I’m using an alias, others will point out that a name doesn’t really matter. They would all be wrong. I am Serandito Carival and I’m

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