Friday, 24/11/2017 | 10:30 UTC+3
  • The Exchange

    “Will you make up your mind already?”, said the bulky man to the small group of interested though taciturn buyers. The trio of men wore black, unadorned exo-suits. Optical augmentations of varying quality featured prominently on their faces. They had been meticulously examining the article on sale for what seemed to be an inordinate amount

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  • First chapter from the new book!

    I believe this will be pretty much the first chapter of my new book. Still, it’s a work in progress so there may be hideous stuff lying in there. Let me know what you think! In her Majesty’s service Sweat ran freely down the red-haired Englishman’s temples, smearing the jungle camo on his clean-shaven face.

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  • Front cover for "Forge of Stones"
    Forge of Stones

    In a world dominated by religious law, the ruling theocracy is about to enter a period of unprecedented upheaval. A pilgrim from a forgotten place ventures into the desolated heart of the Widelands, where myth meets reality and only the faithful or truly fortunate dare enter. A rebel and a young apprentice both seek answers

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