Friday, 24/11/2017 | 10:24 UTC+3
  • “How to stop worrying and love the book”

    I’m not trying to say the book is a bomb, but what if does bomb? What are the bombing margins for a book? When can someone tag it as a success, or a failure? Is it arbitrary? Is it my personal opinion alone? I saw somewhere that success for a writer, is, or rather should

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  • The Hunter and the Farmer

    I picked the title of this post inspired from “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” (Eric Raymond’s article – I’m a bit of a free software advocate). From what I can gather, the traditional publisher will not die out as many enthusiasts of self-publishing proclaim, but they will adapt and fewer will remain standing. As most

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  • Front cover for "Forge of Stones"
    Forge of Stones

    In a world dominated by religious law, the ruling theocracy is about to enter a period of unprecedented upheaval. A pilgrim from a forgotten place ventures into the desolated heart of the Widelands, where myth meets reality and only the faithful or truly fortunate dare enter. A rebel and a young apprentice both seek answers

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