Tuesday, 6/12/2016 | 12:45 UTC+3
  • Weekend giveaway!

    Just trying to remind folks that haven’t heard about it yet, that “Forge of Stones” is available for free on the Amazon Kindle Store. Just head on over to Amazon and get your copy! Array

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  • First review of Forge of Stones on Amazon!

    The first review for Forge of Stones is finally out! It’s not shiny and all bliss and is exactly what I was hoping for: a review that is truthful, objective, and to the point. It points out the main weakness in the book (the obfuscated arcs of the various subplots), but also points out that

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  • Finally, Forge of Stones for $0 on Amazon.com!

    The title says it all. Amazon has caught up with tha price change and now Forge of Stones is available for free from Amazon! In just under a day it’s got 24 downloads and the counter’s rising. So, get your copy from the Kindle store, read it, and tell your friends if you like it.

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