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Free ebook bonanza!

Beginning Thursday, February 14th, 12:00AM PDT and ending Friday, February 15th, 11:59pm PDT (according to Amazon – that’s GMT-7 but there might be delays), I will be giving away for free some of my works in ebook format. These...
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This week’s Libboo freebies!

Well, here you are. Without further ado, check out the freebie copies for this week. As always, they’re being offered on a first come, first served basis: Revolutionaries – Jack Rakove http://www.libboo.com/freebies/923a4fa8-6916-11e2-ac2f-1231391c65c1   The Maid – Kimberly Cutter http://www.libboo.com/freebies/9234a562-6916-11e2-ac2f-1231391c65c1...
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