Tuesday, 6/12/2016 | 12:47 UTC+3
  • First paperbacks arrive!

    Just got word from my editor – Magda Karavasili – that the first paperbacks have arrived. These were copies I ordered from Amazon for the National Library of Greece, to finalise the ISBN assignment process. From what I can gather, these copies are filed and made available to the public. That’s the cost for an

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  • Paperback version for Forge of Stones now available!

    The Paperback version of Forge of Stones just became available! I’m working on integrating the eBook and Paperback versions but as you might have already noticed, I’m new to this. The Paperback version is available from here. I’ll update the book page and product info once I sort out the Amazon product integration with the

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  • Complete cover art for "Forge of Stones"
    Forge of Stones ready for publishing!

    Forge of Stones is almost ready for publishing! I’ve done the cover artwork and submitted requests for two ISBNs (one for the printed version and one for the e-book version). By March 25th, I’m hoping to upload the project to CreateSpace (Amazon.com’s subsidiary that handles publishing projects). Then the review process should start, where they’ll

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