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  • A game of Po
    Party of Five – A Game of Po

    Array   Two exiled princesses, Lernea and Parcifal, happen upon the roguish Winceham. After a quick chase, they witness the murder of a local innkeeper, Ned’s father. Pledging their sword, shield and bow to cleansing the local lands of the tyrannical pirate lord Hobb and avenging the death of Ned’s father. They meet with a

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  • Party of Five – Book II

    For those of you who read the first book in the series and have been eagerly waiting for the second installment, it’s done! Ned, Winceham, Lernea and Parcifal, along with Theo and Bo the bunny finally reach Tallyflop atop a giant oak floating in space in search of Theo’s people. They’ll have a touch of

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  • Making of a book – The easy part

    After getting the printed copy of Forge of Stones in my hands, I ran into probably the most important problem authors ran into: editing. I noticed the book was lacking in editing. I’m not talking about the writing style, or what parts of the story should be left out, tweaked or completely rewritten. In the

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  • Starting work on the next book(s)!

    It’s a kind of natural law that moving forward is the only way to avoid stagnation and death. Though death seems unavoidable (you could call me an advocate of transhumanism if you like), it’s bound to happen sooner or later. But before it does, I’d like to move forward and write some more.. So, I’m

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