Tuesday, 6/12/2016 | 12:47 UTC+3
  • Android Market/Google Play! Psyched? Not much.

    Which in and of itself isn’t much of achange as far as developers (like me?) are concerned. It’s pretty much the same backend. The difference for the users of the service, is you can store your purchased items over in Google’s cloud. But that’s only valid for people in the US, where you’ll be able

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  • The MIT AppInventor : a first (fresh?) look

    I’d stumbled upon the MIT AppInventor a while back when I was trying to ease my way out of coding for the Android. I was searching for an easy WYSIWYG UI editor basically, that would then allow me to easily fill in what I needed for the app to work, and do all the background

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  • The complete works in one little android app – Polygrammaton!

    I recently got myself an android phone, and had my mind into creating an android app. I started with putting everything I’ve published so far together in one neat app for the small amount of 0.50 euros (or $0.99 USD depending on your location). So if you don’t own a Kindle, here’s your chance to

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