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Here you will be able to find finished short stories, as well as works in progress. Also, there will be excerpts and previews available from works still to come.[ic_add_posts category='Stories']

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The sound of small, shuffling feet roused Penthesileia from an uneasy, troubled sleep. She rolled to the other side of her bed and slowly opened her eyes; she saw Heraclea standing by the bedside in the dim blueish light...
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Dan walked up the creaky wooden steps and gazed at the old house. It looked neglected, almost abandoned. He had been gone for too long. It was springtime in Sapporo again. The air was full of a fragrant essence;...
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Necessity Vasileios Kalampakas Sousuke pulled down his visor. A freezing gust of wind buffeted against his face suddenly; it made him swivel around like someone had slapped him; he lost his balance and fell on his back. Fresh powdery...
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