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Sleek new Argo artwork

Hello, everyone! Alkis has been real busy with various projects but right now we’ve got some more concept and some more art that is going in. That’s a look from inside Philetus’ house , at the wee hours of the night. What I really loved about Alkis latest batch though is this which really great and the moment I saw it it stood out: That’s it for now! Next update I’ll probably go into more depth into the process of how we’re trying to turn Argo into a graphic novel. We’ve still got a long way to go, but we’re really happy with the results and direction so far. SummaryArticle NameSleek new Argo graphic novel artworkAuthorVasileios KalampakasDescriptionJust a tiny update with new sample artwork for Argo Last updated by Vasileios at 21 March, 2014.

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Anne Rice petition: why you shouldn’t sign it

I haven’t written an opinion or an article for a long time – and just browsing through my daily feed of stuff casually during a lull, I stumbled across this article from The Guardian: “it’s an obsession with them, a sport, a full time hobby”. ”I think the anti-author gangster bully culture is made up of individuals who desperately want a place at the table in the world of books and readers,” she said. This is being attributed to Anne Rice, the popular vampire literature (am I allowed to call it that?) author. Well, welcome to the internet. We should have by now be pretty aware as creatures that roam the internet that the trolls’ natural habitat is not bridges, but rather, the internet. Regarding that, I also recently had a look at a study about the personality traits of the average internet troll. I don’t know the details of the research into this (I’m not about to peer review it though it should) and we keep forgetting how easy it is to let loose some numbers and some stats – although I do believe trolls are nasty folks that generally ought to have something better to do, I also thing it’s quite possible they just trolled the relevant study to “prove” that trolls are infamous for a reason. Before we start entering the weird territory of the Millikan experiment type-stuff or the infamous Sokal affair about power trips, authority, and the scientific method in the modern peer-review process, let me put a stop to this before my […]

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Project Gutenberg DVD 2010

The DVD released from Project Gutenberg as of April 2010 is available for browsing and downloading freely, per the project’s wishes and respective licensing. I just thought I’d make use of the space and bandwidth, so feel free to check it out from the top nav menu and download whatever you like. I can’t  antagonize ibiblio, so it’s more of a courtesy rather than a service. But it’s pretty fast and easy to browse! Also available from I’m hoping I can get around to adding an epub download option, but that’s a bit far off right now. Enjoy! SummaryArticle NameProject Gutenberg April 2010 DVD available via stoneforger.comAuthorVasileios KalampakasDescriptionJust an update on the availability of the Project Gutenberg DVD 2010 Last updated by Vasileios at 1 March, 2014.

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Going through changes

Hey! Sorry for all the trouble this change in themes is causing but I think I really like the new sleek design. Plus it’s quite responsive, clear, and easy to read, I guess. I also cleared up some of the stuff that never really worked in the menus and added something really useful :The project Gutenberg DVD as of April 2010, is available for you to browse and download, according to Project Gutenberg’s mantra. Check out the local copy here  – check out the great wealth of books on Project Gutenberg’s site Cheers! Last updated by Vasileios at 18 February, 2014.

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