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L. Blankenship, author of Disciple – Part I from the Holiday Bundle at Storybundle.com

What do you hope to give readers, as a writer?
I want to give my readers realism, even when it’s harsh, and hope, even when things look grim. I want to give them characters they can root for and action that keeps them hooked. I want them to have as much fun reading it as I have writing it — where “fun” can include worrying about what happens next.

In Disciple, I want to give readers a fantasy war story where romance plays an important part — and I’m not guaranteeing a happily-ever-after ending. Life goes on after you close the book, after all.

L. Blankenship is the author of Disciple, Part I, one of the eight fabulous books in this month’s storybundle! You can name your price for all eight books, but hurry, because the sale ends January 7th. To check out the bundle, go to www.storybundle.com.

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Born in Trikala, raised since childhood Athens, torn between the call of nature and the trapping of society. I write books, tell stories and make fun of most things that don't really matter in the cosmic, long view.

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