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Smashwords coupon – “On the Riverside of Promise”

Just as the title implies, I setup a 100% discount coupon on for the book.

That means you can get a copy, for free, until October 1st by entering the code SY53G in the book’s page on Smashwords.

Happy reading!ontheriverside-newcover-flag

Lagos, Nigeria. Summer of 1968. The war in Biafra is in full swing. Ethan Whittmore is a Captain of the Royal Marines, training government troops in support of the Nigerians.

When he learns of his brother’s disappearance, a doctor with the Red Cross, he takes it upon himself to find his brother, dead or alive.

His efforts will lead him through the Nigerian jungles and rainforests amidst a bloody civil war. What lays at the end of the road though will be more than just an unexpected surprise and lots of broken promises..


“On the riverside of promise” was featured alongside seven other books from indie and bestselling authors, on the Holiday Storybundle during December 2012.


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Born in Trikala, raised since childhood Athens, torn between the call of nature and the trapping of society. I write books, tell stories and make fun of most things that don't really matter in the cosmic, long view.

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