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It’s done! I survived NaNoWriMo!

NaNoWrimo WINNER banner

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It’s true, I did it, with time to spare as well. I survived nanowrimo, and wrote a 50,000 word novel. I even got a badge to show-off.

My nanowrimo-inspired novel is done. I’ve started work on editing it, cleaning it up, polishing the rough edges and so on. I want to have it ready for Christmas, and actually have a physical copy by New Year’s Eve.

I’ll post some more as important stuff happen.

NaNoWrimo WINNER banner

I won and all I got was this lousy PNG

The product of the Nanowrimo event, the fruit of my brain loins, is the infamous by now, “Bobby on a stick”

From the book’s blurb:

A professional thief, Bobby Barhoe, has a problem with the Mafia: They want him to do a job which he can’t possibly pull off, because one of his most valuable associates, John Staikos, had just had a terrible accident involving an oxygen tank and a blowtorch.

Desperately seeking to vanish as swiftly as possible, Bobby seeks the help of an old flame of his, Eileen Novorski. On his way there though, he runs over a horse, and the owner is an Alabama tribe shaman with a purpose: Help Bobby to bring John back from the dead, save his life, and perhaps have a couple of drinks while they’re at it.

Will Bobby be able to really bring John back to life? Will they do the job in time? Or will they end up in the Parking Lot of Eternity, forever trying to find a free spot?

In his efforts, he will team up with a shaman, and almost die a number of times, fighting evil spirits, and demons, as well as get involved in a war against the forces of Hell itself.


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